Bus Simulator 2017 Cockpit Go

Would you like to have fun while learning traffic rules?

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Do you fall head-over heels in love with bus simulators? Do you say: "I wish that a new bus game could come out and I could play it"? So, you want to learn the traffic rules just by doing that in fun? If your answer is yes, you're on the right place!

Our brand new Bus Driver 2017 will make you experience the real-life ambience by letting you see whats going on inside the cockpit, while you're learning about the real traffic rules. Most of us can find the process boring. I mean, come on; books, videos, internet sources. Ugh, who would have ever like that?! Our "Cockpit GO!" will teach you the rules how it supposed to be! You know, the fun way. You will learn what to do and what NOT to do by just playing it! Ehm, and I'm not even mentioning about the traffic signs that some of us ignore.

  •    Released Date:

    November 2016

  •    Platforms:

    Android & iOS