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RCP2 Updates!

We created our new upgrade by your demands and we keep working further through this purpose. So, what has changed with this new update? In this patch, we wanted our players to find whatever they want to see and to find them really quick. We can mention Multiplayer system as the biggest property. We wanted to see a free drive mode which people can enjoy and lose themself to fun with their friends or other real people. Also we tried to make this free drive mode as free as it can be to create the feeling of reality. And to increase this reality feeling, we provided AI cars which will roam through the map randomly to make you use your traffic rule knowledge as if you are driving in the roads for real! Although, we knew that the map has to change to provide this reality feeling, so we changed and improved the map as possible as it can be!

Inaccurate behaviors can cause huge consequences in traffic. Avoiding these behaviors is a must for every single person. With this motivation, we entirely changed and improved the test system by considering every situations which people can experience in their daily life. Furthermore, this system does not only benefits to your real life, it’s also contribute to your RCP2 account. You can earn tickets from this test competitions and use these tickets to create multiplayer rooms, moreover, you can practice your knowledge in this created rooms.