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How much do you trust your knowledge about traffic
and cars? If you want to improve your knowledge and
to have fun while you learn,
Real Car Parking 2 is going fit you! Cars created with
next-gen graphics are waiting you at the garage to
have an experience with them…


Do not forget that our main mission is to teach while we entertain! We integrate the informations which defined with attention and care, for you to use them in your real daily life.

Lunar New Year events have started with the fireworks! We are also seeing some improvements in graphics. Most demanded Day Map is also integrated to the game, it seems. Limited-Time Dragon Event is going to be available between Jan 25-Feb 08 in the Free Drive Mode map. 4 new awesome cars are purchasable through store. Lunar Event will be so fun, we guess…

While people speak about the rumors, the social media sharings are just corrected those rumors. And also the answers to the comments… So yes, we can say that there is a new game coming. What do we know about this game?  But yet the developers don’t share their secrets about the game…

While the game is moving forward with some various events, we’ve seen that the Genetic team is searching for something deep. We discovered some clues after some meetings and thus they told about that they really care for the optimization and the performance. They said that, they will take bigger steps to give the best service for their players. Also Safa, the managing of visual designs, told that there is something great is waiting for the players in future.


Are you a strict follower of Genetic Studios? Then you are also a member of the crew! You can
reach the detailed informations about our games and our team from here…